Monday, April 9, 2012

Life... or something like it

As good friends we often find ourselves stuck in a trap. It often blinds us from the true reality of living life. That trap is: trying so badly to help others that we forget you CAN NOT make someone do something that they truly do not want to do. In this past amazing weekend filled with so many of my loved ones, both friends and family helped me to clearly realize that at the end of the day all you can do is offer advice, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on. We strive from such a young age to reach that pinnacle adult moment where "nobody can't tell me nothing". From the very first moment that something does not go our way we embed the natural thought process that once I am older my life will be my own. We of course are not wrong in thinking so because undoubtedly our lives are our own. When we lay our heads down at night, when we go through pain and struggle, and even when we die we are alone in that moment with just ourselves. It's important to always realize that everything you do, you must do for yourself first and foremost before you can please any one else. You spend the most time with yourself... therefore you must make the best of that situation before you can be anything to any one else. It's a weary line we walk as co-dependent creatures, and often end up putting others needs before our own. Giving advice and allowing others lives to take precedent over our own well being is a common mistake I see occur on a day to day basis with those I associate with. It is clear that we all have our own opinions about certain issues and hold certain things on different levels of severity. With that being said respect is necessary in all relationships whether on a friend level or intimate level. You must respect the choices that others make in their own lives whether you agree or disagree. It is better to agree to disagree and live life peacefully rather than be volatile with each other and disrespect the choices of others' lives. Be open, and understanding... and if all else fails rearrange your playing cards because after all life is a game... and you control the players.


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