Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just want to say I'm no preacher and definitely not without sin. I give this warning now because I don't want to come out as judgmental or mean. With that said I begin the topic of promiscuity. What's the point? Both men and women do it, it's not something that ONLY men do so let's get that out of our one track minds. Women do it just as much as men do and I know that for a fact. I just don't understand what is the point in sleeping around and even the people you've given yourself too laugh and want nothing to do with you. How does it feel to never be the girl/boyfriend just the girl/boy that was used.
After attending a small university with an even smaller African American population the web that has been created is amazingly sad and embarrassing. Six degrees of separation would ruin alot of friendships if the complete truth were to ever be discussed. While attending several different events during the summer it was brought to my attention through jokes and tears who has slept with each other and who would be destroyed if they ever found out the truth. I am not perfect again I'll repeat but no man or woman can ever use more than one hand to count how many people I've slept with and I can also safely say that no one can sit back at a party and laugh while they count the amount of people I've slept with in one room that all know and associate with each other.
So again I ask why put yourself in that position? Why make your self vulnerable to the harsh words of your so called friends who actually make fun of you behind your back every chance they get. What makes it worse for the ladies in these situations is the guys in their loving relationships do their dirt, and go back to their girlfriends and you are still left to clean up the mess and lose friendships due to the fact of your secret life. I really do feel sorry for both parties though and I realize this more and more every day that you're not in control of your sexuality because you decide who you open your legs to. And you're damn sure not the man for taking everything with a vagina "down". Besides STD's and pregnancy, your playing around with peoples emotions.
I don't really use or throw around the word whore but I do believe in a time and place for everything. I have friends that have numbers in the teens and twenty's…and while we joke around they know who they are. So this leads me to another question. Is it a lifestyle choice or the way you carry yourself. While I don't know certain male or female's #'s I'm less inclined to consider them "whores" in my mind while others that is the first thing that comes to mind. Is it the way they carry themselves, the things they say, the scandals they've been apart of? And is that even fair to them? If person A has slept with 40 people has a PHD, a car, a job, and decent conversation and person B has slept with 15 people, no car, no job, sounds like an idiot and dresses like a slut does that make them more of a whore? The answer SHOULD be no but in society's eyes they are worse.
Well… that's just the way it goes but a word to the wise for future events:
"Flaunt a cute butt hide a FAT gut"


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