Monday, September 13, 2010

What's good for you?

As I begin this post the definition of insanity comes to mind:
Insanity (noun)- doing the SAME exact thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
With that said being said it has taken me twenty two long and grueling years to figure out and understand the concept of that definition and to truly live by it. I heed this post with a warning as I do all the others. I by no means am passing judgement on anyone's behavior or thoughts just expressing my share of wisdom and experience on the issue/topic.
A wise friend once told me to think my decisions and options through before I made any one final choice. And while weighing all options out seems to work best for those on the TV screen it doesn't always work that way in reality. You see your brain is the strongest muscle you've got and it's so strong that it can make you think and believe anything with the right amount of molding. You can make yourself believe that something is so good for you even when others can see your driving yourself off of a cliff. You can blind yourself and tune out all the good advice your environment is feeding you because your brain has forced your heart and soul to believe something.
See most believe that their hearts desires are usually in conflict with their minds. That their minds tell them whats right and whats good for them, while their hearts tells them what they emotionally want to do. Well I believe your mind fools you twice. It plays a foolish trick. Your mind has you battling yourself over and over again, every time, going down the same insane path and makes you believe that THIS time is different, and THIS time will be better, and the same mistake wont be made THIS time. But after experiencing a life time of insane choices that have left me in the same predicament I say why waste your youth and your time trying to figure out what's good for you?
You will always have the audience of your life sitting and watching pointing out every flaw and mistake that you make. Sitting and dwelling on I told you so's won't get you any where. It may in fact actually drive you insane. There's nothing worse than sitting alone in silence thinking of your mistakes and errors only to re-travel down the same path in the future. Don't stay trapped trying to re-create an epic love story or be something that someone has told you to be. Don't keep trying to do what's good for you… just be. Just be, and just do and you'll eventually find your way.

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