Saturday, April 23, 2011


A belief can be one of the most influential and detrimental part of your life. Why? Because beliefs stem from thoughts that soon become ideas and and idea is impermeable. An idea is a concept you can not destroy, you can not kill, and you can not change. While some may think that you can always change an idea, or change a belief, or a thought about a particular issue but unfortunately that is not the case. The reality of the matter is when you think you've changed your mind about something, or have had your beliefs altered all you've really done is buried the previous belief. It doesn't mean its gone it just means it lies dormant for the time being. Once your mind has created a theory it is almost impossible to remove. I have tried all of this fast forward thinking with mediation and research but the fact still remains that the way I felt about things when I was sixteen still dictates the way I feel about many things to this very day.
Before you self righteously start thinking that someone can not possibly still think the way they once did when they were an adolescent, hold your biased thoughts for just a moment. It has been stated that your personality is created from the time that you are two years old hence why many people choose to adopt children younger than two years old. You are then molded and shaped by society until you learn to fight. Once that battle begins it never ends and this is when you start to stick up for what you believe is right even when the world is telling you different. It is rare that after such strenuous battles that people will change what they believe in even with facts and proven arguments. For example I have a friend who truly believes that she is ready to face the world despite the fact that everyone states different. As a friend I had to push aside my belief that she will fall flat on her face and take in a new belief that I must be supportive. That's the hard part of having stead fast beliefs. You have to learn that you don't have to change what you believe in but you have to give people the opportunity to believe in something different.
As most would know I am greatly opposed to voluntarily harming my body with alcohol or drugs specifically the most commonly abused drug:weed. On the flip side I have many intelligent and close friends that find the need to "escape" the world that batters and bruises them and find that escape at the bottom of bottles and hidden behind scuba masks. I am constantly making my disdain for their favorite past time known to the public because I do not believe that a temporary escape that could possibly harm me is worth the trip at all. What I have failed to take into consideration many times is though I truly care it is not my life to control or alter. My beliefs should not put a barricade or prohibit the beliefs and actions of others. And while in this moment of clarity I know that I should be more considerate I am constantly battling myself to make sure my beliefs do not cause another form of social prohibition. I truly feel it is a day to day battle to remember that beliefs are an amazing thing to have but when used incorrectly have caused many arguments, battles, and wars. Logic is necessary when making decisions based off of impulsive human nature. Even the best of us get lost in the illogical reasoning most deeply stated as: "If I believe it that that's all that matters".
That is never all that matters. Beliefs are important and create great connection but can also create painful disconnect. Be open to the beliefs of others while holding steadfast to your own.


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