Saturday, March 26, 2011

Follow Through

As I am constantly in evaluation mode I stumbled onto an old concept that could always use some "re-evaluation". I am not so certain that I have specifically discussed my thoughts but all of my topics are interrelated at some point. For the few people that know me very well they are aware of the amount of hatred I have for what I call "flops". A flop as defined by myself is someone who can not follow through with a plan, an idea, or even a thought. This type of person not only frustrates me but saddens me as well.
Since many things frustrate me I add a "flop" the the list and move forward but being surrounded by so many creates a sense of sympathy for them as well. I see a person who "flops" as being often self conscious, unreliable and dishonest to both themselves as well as others. These type of people lack the follow through to create the change they wish to see in their lives therefore often leaving them with a feeling of entrapment and lack of self worth. There are many different levels that receive different levels of patience from me. Overall on the surface though I may feel a particular way at a particular time, I hold no grudges and have genuine concern for those who can not follow through to empower themselves.
For the sake of maintaining anonymity as I discuss the different levels and experiences I have had with "flops" I mention no names. My first and most common encounter is the self conscious flop. This type of person has probably faced a life changing even that has placed them at a disadvantage to their peers. When this occurs, dishonesty, the easiest dependent is used to mask the severity of the situation. Instead of saying, "I don't have the money to come out as often as I used to", or "I can't come out because I am trying to save" this person will often make and set plans up with people to only back out last minute with a lack luster excuse. My favorite occurrence is the complete "Houdini" act that occurs when no phone calls, text messages, or emails are returned or "received". As a person who values respect greatly I would respect the honesty rather than the silence. A wise man once told me, "I believe that when you ignore the problem it stops/ goes away". While I don't wholeheartedly agree with that statement in regards to every situation when it comes to a lack of follow through I take that silence in stride and remove myself from being your problem any further. In this way no plans need to be cancelled or rescheduled due to the lack of honesty.
The second type of flop that is more heartbreaking than frustrating is a person who can not follow through on a promise they make to themselves. There are many I choose to surround myself that create self inflicted wounds on a daily basis to their potential growth. Making a statement one day and taking actions that directly negate those statements is not only sad but portrays a lack of faith and strength. It is more than just a failed goal or altered New Years Resolution it is the complete lack of self control. As a person who is not the most financially endowed I know that all I truly have to offer to the world is my word. The honesty I provide to the world is a reflection of the honesty I provide to myself. If I fail to do the things that I have promised myself this means I accept betrayal and am no better than any common liar. Its a sad state to remain in a never ending cycle therefore a person that flops on themselves may need to step back and re-evaluate their intentions.
As I come to a close I impartially step back I restate the same advice I often give. Look your self in the mirror and make sure you are happy with the person you see staring back at you. If you are okay with the outcome of your life then by all means continue on your righteous path. But if for one second there is a doubt in your mind that you may not like the person you have become make a change…


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