Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"The internet isn't written in pencil… it's written in ink"

With programs and social networks like BBM, Facebook, KIK, and Twitter your business seems to be everyone's business. While I'm sure everyone is tired of my ranting and raving about these programs and social networks that have buried their existence into the core of our lives I will promise to make this my final discussion about the above. I am no fanatic nor am I a cynic to the importance and convenience of these programs and networks. They simultaneously make life easier and more complex if allowed to do so. Many people rescind back into their Kindergarten selves where they were taught a simple and sweet saying "sharing is caring". Well this saying has taken on a whole new meaning in the twenty first century. The world seems to be sharing everything with everyone no matter how dangerous the outcome may be. But as all you know I am not one to worry much about danger more so require clarification and understanding of behavior and actions.
At 8:59 I blew my nose. At 9:00 I blinked, at 9:02 I scratched my ear, at 9:14 I went and got a snack. Pretty boring and uninteresting right? Who cares that I did all that? I know I don't even personally care that I blew my nose at 8:59 but I figured someone, some where some how would be effected with this knowledge so I had to post it. Sounds crazy, almost insane? Well my dear readers that is often how I feel about the redundant and almost ridiculous news feed I have been encountering for the past months. While I do appreciate and often "like" the inspirational quotes or phrases, intellectual comments, I also personally on occasion enjoy the random and occasional rant and rave. The problem lies with those who feel that it is their duty to inform everyone of their every mood, every feeling, every emotion, and every MOVE. Worst case scenario could result in your death but hey… who cares when it's just so necessary to have your KIK tell us that your pulling up in front of the supermarket on street Z, or update your FB status telling us your leaving your house and going to the mall.
An argumentative and occasionally wise friend of mine brought this cyber stalking to my attention back during the Sidekick AIM phase. "Why do you broadcast in your away that you're in the shower when people know you dorm, they know what school you go to, and could probably find your dorm building" Huh… never really thought about it that way but five years later I'm sitting back laughing at how my small 100 person buddy list could put me in danger while many FB accounts now possess over thousands of friends. What is the real reason for the constant "off to the gym", "going to work" or "chilling at home someone hit me" statuses? Are the people you truly care about that out of reach that a simple text couldn't let them personally know you are at work?
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but more than 65 percent of your social network friends either do not know exactly who you even are nor do they truly care about what it is you have to say. The other 35 percent that do know and care about who you, are punished and bombarded with constant updates of your every move and uninspiring thoughts. A call for privacy is necessary and vital while the attempts at true privacy are now futile in the age of Twitter and Facebook. We all know someone who regrets a status update or overtly published relationship that they wish they could take back because as we have learned from the Social Network "the internet isn't written in pencil it's written in ink". There are certain things that you say,do, or document that will never be deleted from any one's minds even with the simple delete button. The truth of the matter is once you post something on these networks everyone has access to you more than you can even imagine. Due to human nature the abuse of a new trend is always soon to follow as it emerges into popularity. Unfortunately people are using social networks as a means of building a social identity that can destroy their reality.
Social networks were built to create social networking environments. They have undoubtedly made communication easier as well as create substantial advertising and networking opportunities. It is when they are used as a means of reality that their should be a call for concern and worry. Reading a book or going outside for a run would replace your "boredom" just as easily as thinking up an unremarkably unintelligent comment or status for Facebook.


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