Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things better left unsaid...

I'm sure everyone has encountered the saying: "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all" but that seems to be a non factor when it comes to our lives in the age of technology. We are now living in a society fueled by social media that must be updated and kept current of every move, every thing we've eaten,  and every relationship & break up. In a world where very little is kept sacred where should the line be drawn? Let's take a step further than the over sharing of every thought and activity in the social media world, where should the line be drawn in a true social environment? An environment that much too many of us forget to partake in, because we are so concerned with our social media personas. Are there things that should be left unsaid for particular reasons, or should honesty consistently trump these case by case scenarios? I myself find it difficult to truly be on one side of that fence without consequently being a walking contradiction.

As a person who publicly supports honesty, and condemns those who lie to be nothing more than a liar, I find myself trapped within a paradox.  For example an act of omission of the truth is nothing more than a lie beautifully disguised. What if this omission was the mere source of protection whether it be in regards to safety or to protect someone's feelings. Does the reason behind the lack of honesty create a new sense of reality? Does it all of a sudden become okay to have certain things left unsaid or is it mere cowardice at its best? Too often we hear, "I didn't tell you because I was trying to protect you or to spare your feelings" When faced with these situations I find that I'd rather deal with the devil I know versus the devil I don't know. Information is power, and power leads to choice. With information being withheld from me, my power and my choice are taken away by the other party involved. Now I bring in the contradiction. As cut and dry as I may have made that seem… it is far beyond being that simple by any means.

If you asked a group of people that know me well to describe me you would probably receive a description that was very confusing. You see I do not mind sharing information about myself which makes me an open book. I am also one of the most tight lipped, secretive people you could ever meet which may make me seem very closed off. Both of these descriptions would be accurate because I truly believe in two opposing ideals. I am hundred percent a true supporter of pure unadulterated honesty at any cost. I do not feel that it is okay to steal someones right to the truth. If my mind has changed, my truth has changed, my reality has changed and that should be discussed with anyone that it may affect. However revealing my truth is a choice that I make, it is not up to me reveal someone else's truth. People take it upon themselves to tweet, Facebook, and Instragram the truth of others in order to hide the darkness that truly represents who they are. I made the personal choice to understand the power that words have in our society and destroying someone else's life with information that I possess just isn't a priority at the top of my list of things to do.

Revealing information whether it be true or not about someone because they've hurt you, or made you angry isn't going to take away the pain you are feeling. Of course we are all human and we may slip up every now and then, but the majority of your words and your thoughts should not be concerned with the life of someone else. The majority of your words and thoughts should not be deceitful or demeaning. You must be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others. Calling someone fat isn't going to make you skinny, calling someone ugly isn't going to make you pretty.  The only thing you can really effectively do with your life is deal with your own truth and the truth you put out into society. The truth that reaches and affects the people in your life. Everything else should be secondary. Don't concern yourself with how people see you, or what people are saying, concern yourself with who you are showing the world you are. Your actions are always going to speak louder so be aware of the things you say.


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