Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tragedy: A true test of faith

                  In my brief twenty four years of life I've experienced many life changing experiences that have not only affected me but have also affected the world around me. We as a society have faced a great deal of tragedies and inconveniences together from the terrorist attacks on 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, and most recently Hurricane Sandy. And it seems that with each event we grow together rapidly offering each other a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on. It seems that during these times our humanity is tested and we rise to the challenge effortlessly. We possess all of the faith, the prayer, and the strength during these times of devastation in order to uplift our selves while also uplifting one another. Its so easy to say a kind word to a neighbor during these times, but time always fades the memory of these moments and we return to the importance of our own lives.
                 Why is it that as a nation/world that is obsessed with examining tragedy we do not take the time to truly examine ourselves? What makes it so difficult to say good morning to your neighbor on a regular day yet we rush to their sides in order to ensure their survival during a hurricane. Are we so wrapped up in our own lives that we don't see that the big things are just as important as the little things. It causes great wonder and awe to see people putting their self to the side and being apart of society. It is a wonderful thing to hear words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers being sent out through phone calls, emails, texts, and other forms of social media. However we turn our backs once we've considerably done enough to get the ball rolling towards rehabilitation. I personally would like to thank all of the people that sent out kind words to me and my family after the damage we faced during the hurricane during the past few days. I would also like to personally send my thoughts and prayers to those who have been stuck in the dark, have faced damages lesser, equivalent, and greater than those I have faced, as well as to any one who have lost their lives and family members. This experience has taught me that no one is untouchable. And when the damages are physically repaired, the memories of this day have faded, and the affects of the storm have passed I will make an effort to remember that lending a helping hand should not only be during a crisis or state of emergency. It should be an every day part of life that I take pride in.

Be safe everyone!


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  1. #word Definitely.Im happy we are ok and didnt suffer harsher results. Great article!