Monday, August 13, 2012

The power of words

         "My words are like the barrel of a gun remind me which side you should be on"

                          I don't know who said it first but I find the little nursery rhyme we teach children "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" to be completely incorrect. Words always have and always will be the strongest weapons that we have ever possessed. Just simply looking back in time we see the power words can have in the shaping and molding of historical scenarios and events. From religion to war, depression and enlightenment words have the power to create great destruction or progress within a society. With that being said it is a constant battle to avoid falling into the trap of the two main verbal conditions most of our society faces. We either fall into the "I'm so gangsta" condition where we say any and every thing that comes to mind without prior thought or filter. This condition is often disguised as "keeping it real" and often lacks the decorum and focus that makes it possible to say any thing in a way that doesn't purposely hurt or offend the person in which the "realness" is being aimed at. The second and just as dangerous condition is of course: the lie. While no one wants to answer the dreaded: "Do I look fat in this outfit?" This dishonest manner is also most often the creator of toxic gossip, and rumors into our society that create unnecessary situations and ultimately lead to improper decision making. Whether it is a lie of omission, or a verbal attack on your right to honesty, the power in a lie has the capability to ruin lives and transform friendships into enemies.
                           So what does it all mean? Where do these powerful weapons that we possess leave us in the spectrum of our connections with friends, family, co workers, and even strangers that we come across on a daily basis? Do we lie to protect their feelings, hide our true nature behind a dishonest guise? Do we say whatever comes to mind with out concern of the repercussions that may transpire? It is a difficult fine line that we tread as a united society based on human connection and communication. We as a people can not survive without one another, but we constantly verbally tear down even those that are closest to us in order to maintain a certain persona or to liven up an evening of jokes.
                           It doesn't take a genius to realize that life is unpredictable in nature and today may be your last day or the last day of someone you love.  We get so caught up in our own lives and self preservation that we forget that the silence caused by prolonging an unnecessary argument due to egos may be the last thing you share with someone you care about. While I still struggle with saying everything that is on my mind, as I get older, and the ones around me age as well… I realize that my time and theirs is limited. Going to bed angry because you didn't get that "good night" text, or sulking all day at work because you didn't get a "good morning" text, may be the last thought you have before you don't get another tomorrow. This silly game that we play enhanced by technology and social media is truly a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Time will run out and regret will sink in. And when this does happen, how "thirsty" someone  had once appeared will no longer matter. Make your words count because in the end people don't care about how much money you had or the pair of Jordans you bought. Twenty years down the line no one will remember what kind of weave you had or how many cars you owned. Those memories will fade, but the legacy that your words and actions created will live on in their hearts. People will remember what you said to them and how you made them feel. And if the last memory is a negative one because you ran out of time and couldn't fix it, well then that is a life that you and others will remember and regret. Tell those you love how much you love them as often as possible. Embrace the power that you have and stop waiting for someone else to make the next move. Make it a point to never leave a situation unsolved or leave any wounds left open.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
                                              Watch your words, they become actions.
                                               Watch your actions, they become habits.
                                 Watch your habits, they become your character.
                                  Watch your character, it becomes your destiny

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