Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reality vs Perception

"The assumption that seeing is believing makes us susceptible to visual deceptions"

With every passing year I gather life lessons, wisdom, and experiences. As my twenty fourth year has just gotten underway I've encountered and witnessed countless situations in which the appearance of a situation takes precedent to the true reality. It is easy for our subconscious and imagination to take hold of and manipulate information that we have heard. It is even easier to take and misconstrue information that we believe we've seen. Believing none of what I hear and half of what I see is a motto I hold near and dear to my heart. Allowing your imagination to run wild will land you in a lifestyle filled with assumptions and inaccuracies. Unfortunately this is a seed that is planted in our minds from a young age therefore often leading to destructive thoughts and behavior particularly during adolescence.

Many often confuse the ideals of perspective and point of view with the ideal of what it is to be perceptive. While they are closely related they are not the same. You see having a point of view or a certain perspective on an issue requires you to actually know the issue, to know the truth, the facts, the full details. Those who choose to have a perspective or point of view on something they know nothing about directly fall into the categories of judgmental and ignorant. This is where perception comes to play. You see perception requires no fact, no information it is solely connected with the sense of sight. Your perception is formed by your consciousness and intuition based on what you see, or what it is you think you see. I personally have directly strayed away from ever calling myself perceptive, because perception often leads to forming opinions based on an assumption formed by my imagination. It appears that we as a society have not only become accustomed to assuming what we believe to be true we take it upon our selves to spread these assumptions in order to infect the minds and lives of others.

It has become a simple magic trick really. One person hears an interesting detail which then becomes a fact in their mind. That false fact then becomes public news to any and every one that will lend an ear to listen. Friendships lost, relationships ended, egos bruised, and reputations destroyed solely from a single rapidly perceptive thought put out into the atmosphere. The effects of the illusion are so damaging yet powerful they often go unnoticed because they fall desperately under the guise of: "keeping it real", or "looking out for a friend". Words, thoughts, ideas destroying people's lives often turn out at the end of the day to not even be true. And of course those on the receiving end can always go about saying they don't care or demonstrating how unaffected they are... but the fact remains that their reality has been tarnished by a perception. The falsehood of living in a lie doesn't just affect solely the person living in that lie. People who refuse to live in reality always affect those of us attempting to keep both our feet stable on the ground.

The hardest thing about life is living with your own personal truth. That is a very difficult feat for many so instead they choose to live in the shadows of other's truths or create false truths. The true truth of the matter is that wont be effective for long and will eventually cause self destruction. Destroying someone else's life wont make your life any better. Take time to evaluate your self and your own truth. Be present in your own life and be mindful that everyone else's business should not be any one else's business.


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