Saturday, October 6, 2012


Forgiveness: It is a word we are all familiar with. The mere definition or existence of this word is obviously easier than the actual action of forgiveness. What is it that causes forgiveness to be easier said than done? This indeed may be one of the hardest actions for our society to truly successfully accomplish. We are consumed in the mistakes of others in order to have something to talk about or point our fingers in judgement. It becomes an impossible feat to break the mistaken barrier once it has been built. We hear of the quote: "forgive but don't forget" constantly but is true forgiveness possible if the mistaken actions are constantly at the forefront of every thought or encounter? Can you let go of the feelings of anger if you can not let go of what caused the anger?

Personally forgiveness is a task I have yet to triumphantly truly accomplish whole heartedly. Though my own track record is filled with mistakes or choices I could've thought through further, I still find it difficult to accept the apologies of those who have made their own wrongful mistakes. Is it hypocritical to wish for forgiveness for your errors yet judge and refuse to do the same for others. Or is it a mere human attribute we must learn to accept? I've heard many defend their lack of forgiveness as a result of the capacity of the mistake. Rating mistakes on a scale seems to be another form of pointing the finger while ignoring the fingers pointing back at you. It's hard to accept at times especially when you are the  victim in the situation but all mistakes and errors are just that. And again this is easier said than done. I know in my own personal experiences there are levels within my mind that I believe that I would never be able to forgive as opposed to a lesser situation. This however doesn't fit the true essence of what forgiveness is in its purest form.

Though true forgiveness may be a difficult pill to swallow in the heat of the dramatic moment it is a necessary part of life that I am still trying to master. As I grow older I realize more and more that forgiveness is more so about yourself and your sanity than for the person who requires it. Forgiving someone doesn't require forgetting what they've done it allows you to lessen the burdens you carry within yourself. Constantly carrying around that hate, that hurt, and that pain will cause more issues for you than the other party involved. Carry on with your life one day at a time whether the forgiveness process is difficult it is a process you must go through in order to make peace with your own demons. At the end of the day you lay your head down with yourself and your thoughts… don't waste them dwelling in the past. Be content and keep your heard towards the future not stuck in the past.

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